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Contact Sarah Lucero  Sarah Lucero Teacher
Contact Shari Baze  Shari Baze Teacher
Contact Debra Rodriguez  Debra Rodriguez Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Ashley Cummings  Ashley Cummings Teacher
Contact Devon Zamora  Devon Zamora Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Amber Dalton  Amber Dalton Teacher
Contact Carolyn Gore  Carolyn Gore Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Tomi Vensel  Tomi Vensel Teacher
Contact Andrea White  Andrea White Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Tim Kreider  Tim Kreider Teacher
Contact Amanda McGrath  Amanda McGrath Teacher
Contact Kathryn Vanpelt  Kathryn Vanpelt Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Jonathan Fortney  Jonathan Fortney Teacher
Contact Christine LaCome  Christine LaCome Teacher
Contact Kathryn Vanpelt  Kathryn Vanpelt Teacher
Special Education
Contact Shirley Chavez  Shirley Chavez Teacher
Contact Michael Hecht  Michael Hecht Teacher
Contact Jodi Schultz  Jodi Schultz Teacher
Contact Ashley Cruz  Ashley Cruz (505) 750-3679 Counselor
Contact Jodi Schultz  Jodi Schultz Teacher
Contact Shelly Salazar  Shelly Salazar Sys Admin
Physical Education
Contact Holly Kowalski  Holly Kowalski Teacher
Contact Kimberly Baiamonte  Kimberly Baiamonte Principal
Contact Cindy Gordon King  Cindy Gordon King Staff
Cafeteria Manager
Support Staff
Contact Doreen Fisher  Doreen Fisher Librarian
Contact Jennifer Johnson  Jennifer Johnson Resource Teacher of Strategic Professional Development
Contact Danielle Steiner  Danielle Steiner Nurse
Contact Cineida Tereskiewicz  Cineida Tereskiewicz Health Assistant